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 AtHome Powered by Super League and ggCircuit

The AtHome app, powered by Super League, is a new opportunity to enjoy the gaming center experience from the comfort of your own home. At home is free to download and install. With AtHome, you can stay connected to your local gaming community, participate in exclusive leaderboard events, and win prizes, just like you would at your center—all this for you, for free!


AtHome is a Windows-only application, and you must have an existing account with your gaming center to use it. First, download the app through a custom link from your center, or from the AtHome site at https://home.ggcircuit.com/install/cld. Install the client and use your account login to start playing your favorite games and showing up on the leaderboards! You can also see who else is online and receive messages with important updates from your center.


Of course, the AtHome experience will include competitive events. Be one of the first to experience AtHome with with Season 0 (Zero), an open beta with 2 competitions that run side-by-side. Not only will you face other players in head-to-head challenges, but gaming centers across the world will also be facing off against one another.  Your scores not only count for your PvP challenge, but contribute to your center’s performance. Aim for victory and win some amazing prizes! AtHome does not currently Super League Prime or SP at this time.


The world might feel at a bit of a standstill while we’re all keeping ourselves at home, so we hope that AtHome can help restore a little normalcy while bringing some extra fun to your gaming. If you have more questions about AtHome or Season 0, check out the AtHome Player FAQ on our website. Otherwise, we’ll see you on the leaderboards!

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