Gaming Competition
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Fortnite Leaderboard competition
1 Aug – 31 Aug
Prize for 3rd place this month will be a 5 hour bundle 2nd place will win a HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Headset 1st place will win a MSI Optix MAG241C Full HD 23.6″ Curved LED Gaming Monitor We will be using the GGChampion leader board. The winners will be the players in 1st 2nd and 3rd on the last day of the month at closing.

Snacks and drinks available including Green Cola which we love! Green Cola has NO sugar, NO aspartame, NO phosphoric acid, NO preservatives, is naturally sweetened with Stevia and even the caffeine in our cola is natural, sourced from green coffee beans!

On the PC’s we have

Apex Legends | Super Smash Bro’s | Mario Kart |Battle Field 1 | Garry’s Mod |Brawl of Ages | Blackops 4 | CS:GO | Demoniacal | Defunct | Dota 2 | Duelyst | Fortnite | Fractured LandsĀ  | Gigantic | Guts and Glory | Middle Earth Shadow of war | Monster Hunter | Plants vs Zombies 2 | and more

Currently The PS4’s have fortnite on them for those 10 player creative matches and Apex